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​Our mission is simple: Be better.

Meet our team

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Yen Luu

Creative Director

Born in Kyiv but matured in Hanoi, I bring with me the colors of 2 distincted land. No fixed destination, no treading water. Always moving forward is my survival skill. 


“In nature, you can find a reflection of human feelings or emotions. Nature provides a way to describe it in a more subtle and beautiful way”. Nature has given me my sensitivity and experiences. From there, I learned to love beauty.


And what could be more beautiful than art?

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My Nguyen

Content Creator

My six-year career exposure covers both sides of Inbound and Outbound Marketing, digging more strategically in the world of Branding to ace up corporate identity / performance - this is also my sweet spot in the mixed creative continuum.


I love to use content to accentuate the striking personalities of all projects, eventually putting heart and soul into creating brand works that radiate.

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